Anne-Marie Collette, is a global thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit, she is the creator of the Awake and Advance© System.

After spending decades in the field of education, she now teaches women how to achieve greater success by connecting with their spiritual-selves.

Known for her soul intuition, Anne-Marie offers customized workshops, transformational talks and Sedona SoulFull Retreats.

When I connect with YOU soul sister, I am walking on sacred ground. I am working from the Spiritual realm where Masters speak through me as a channel to bring words of wisdom assisting you with healing, love, peace.

I help women leaders, entrepreneurs and executives going through life transitions and struggles. By working together, my clients gain greater connection to their spiritual self, more clarity, courage, confidence … and wealth!

I choose this work because I can help women step into their full divine expression of love and live from a place of peace, hope, courage, confidence.

What excites me to get up in the morning is that I get to work with women who can start dreaming BIG again and dare to take BOLD steps.

I love to see a twinkle in their eyes, a spring in their step and a smile in their heart.

I love, love, love to see them shine their light! These empowered women reclaim their wings on their back and fly.