Are you are looking for an outstanding speaker who has the wisdom and power to

ignite dreams into reality?

Anne-Marie’s own life stories are filled with humour, faith and boldness will be remembered long after the presentation. She dares to come on stage as a human being with her quirks, frailties and imperfections while connecting with the audience at the heart level.

What Makes Anne-Marie Unique?

A visionary, Anne-Marie doesn’t just communique a message- she strives in offering the audience practical tools weaved into inspiring stories that can empower women to make an immediate shift with the power to change their life on the spot, for good.

Equipped with soulful intuition, she will touch your heart in a way that will leave you feeling inspired to become the best version of yourself.  With renewed hope and rekindled divine spark, you will be awakened and ready to advance into your greatness.

The one phone call that changed Anne-Marie as a Speaker… sharing the stage with

Deepak Chopra!

Greg Mather, founder and director of Seed Productions Foundation invited Anne-Marie at a major event in February, 2012 called Navigating a New World.  It was designed to inspire the audience of 2000 people on creating a conscious world.  Her topic was on Conscious School Education. 

She ended up sharing the stage on February 19, 2012 with Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Gerald Calente, Adam Dreamhealer, Elisabeth Fayt and Sequoyah Trueblood. 

One of the best moments of her life was being on stage where Anne-Marie delivered a standing ovation presentation with courage, confidence and a deep connection to the Divine.