Angelspeake™PLUS Workshop

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The Angelspeake™PLUS workshop is not just another workshop.

This is your gateway to peace of mind!


Thank you Soul sister for showing an interest in my Angelspeake™PLUS workshop!

Your angels are waiting for YOU!!!

I wish you could see what I see around you. I see and feel the presence of angels all around you.  I’m getting the goosebumps already knowing that you and I may meet really soon.  Can you feel it too?

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For this workshop, you have options.  What would you prefer?

  • I can travel to your location

  • You can travel to my next workshop

  •  We can connect through Zoom video conferencing

Yes, it is that easy.  Easey – Peasey.

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Soul sister feel free to read additional information that I would like to share with you…

This exciting workshop will teach you how to access your angels to solve problems, give inspiration and to provide you with loving support each day. Many will learn the names of their angels. Be ready to get immediate help from your angels as they will focus on providing you the answers you have been searching for or waiting for.

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The class is divided into 3 parts:

Part #1: Meet Your Angels & Spirit Guides

Discover who the angels, archangels, ascended masters and spirit guides are. What their domains of expertise are. And how to recognize their presence in tangible ways every day of your life.

Part #2: Review of The Four Fundamentals for Spiritual Living

Learn a 4-step process that you may apply in anything you would like to be, to do or to have. You’ll be co-creating the life of your dreams with your angels and guides.

Get ready to let go of self-sabotage mindset and habits. Be open to experiencing breakthroughs and get valuable insights to advance on your spiritual path and life in general.

Part #3: Awakening of the gift of automatic dictation

Automatic dictation is a valuable spiritual gift. Once you’ve learned how to access it, from that moment on, no matter where you are – ask any question, connect to your heart center, and you will get an immediate answer either on paper or digital devices.

This is one of the most essential tools to possess in these times of personal transition and planetary shifts.



You may also receive energy healing if you wish. Anne-Marie works with powerful healing energies. Be open to receive energy healing during the 4 hours of the workshop, simply by being in the room!

This is an opportunity to let go of sadness, fears, anxieties, relationship problems, health issues, limiting mindsets, etc. It may help you to replace your “burdens” with gifts of health, vitality, love, peace, joy, prosperity, inner knowing, etc.  

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The Angelspeake™ workshop is based on the best selling book “Angelspeake:  How To Talk With Your Angels” by Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark. This workshop is comparable to the workshop featured on Good Morning America, The Leeza Show, Good Day New York, the PBS program “Speaking With Your Angels” and several thousand workshops taught by the authors throughout the world.

Let’s remember that angels come on our way with love, light and peace to fill our hearts with joy.

May a little angel come to you today

And show your miracle

Sprinkled with stardust,

So you may be in a place of wonder and enchantment

Now and forever.  So be it.



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