Soul sister, thank you for landing here.

As we all know, there are no accidents.  Everything happens for a reason.

If you are seriously considering to hire a coach, I could be the one you have been waiting for a long time.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I concentrate on you.  You are the focal point of the conversation.  I get myself out of the way.  Who am I to tell you how to run your life?


When is the last time that you gave yourself such a precious gift… to be on center stage of your own life?


I will co-create with you a sacred space where you will feel heard and comfortable to share your most profond emotions, ideas, dreams and… even your secrets.

I will accept, appreciate and love you unconditionally.

Everything you will share stays between you and I.

Let me help you overcome your personal and professional barriers… it is YOUR TIME!

My logo was divinely inspired.  Even as far back as the Egyptian civilization, the lotus flower

was central to their culture.  It was meaningful then and as meaningful today. I mainly chose

the lotus for 3 reasons :

#1  The lotus grows as a beautiful flower … even out of the mud and murky water.

Soul sister, I see the beauty in you.  I see the flower that desires to open up.

Are you ready to open up as the unique flower you are meant to be?

At the same time are you feeling stuck, or spinning your wheels in the mud?

Are you trying to see clearly but the murky waters stops you from seeing through?

I’m here to help you see clearly what’s right now in front of you and into your future.

#2  The lotus flower is attracted to the light.  Only with the light of the sun will it emerge fully opened up.

Soul sister, in order to become the flower of your essence, you need to be plugged to your light.

Only then, will you be able to thrive with courage and confidence.

Are you afraid of your own bright light?

Do you sabotage your big dreams?

I’m here to help you see your light.

#3 The lotus is a symbol of spirituality and infinity.

Soul sister, you have arrived home where all is possible.  You are worthy of your divine inheritance.  Become a master of

positive manifestation.

The limits imposed on your life can be easily discarded and quickly reframed.

Are you feeling frustrated because you hold yourself back?

Are you living with a scarcity mindset?

I’m here to help you connect to your divine power.

When you are awake, aligned and anchored with your core essence, you shine from the inside out.  You are aglow!

I help you get there!

In this new state of being, soul sister you advance and ascend to your greatness.

I help you get there!

Soul sister, when you are awaken to the love that you are, you are in a better position to be aligned to your full realization.

I help you get there!

By anchoring your new reality, you will be happier, more fulfilled and on purpose.

I help you get there!