Keynotes that Anne-Marie is passionate to bring to your group

 Awake and Advance Series:

Pathways to Your Greatness

For the Love of Our Children

Conscious Schools, Conscious World


People demand Positive Outcomes.  Anne-Marie Delivers every time.

Employees and audiences deserve to receive exceptional content value with simple actionable steps to transform their personal and professional life into greatness.

Event organizer gets immense value and support beyond a simple keynote

 Prior to the event, Anne-Marie will call the event organizer to understand the specific needs and challenges that either the organization or the audience is facing.  All will be put on the table for discussion establishing clarity with an understanding of the goals and intention set for the audience.

 Even after the keynote, Anne-Marie makes herself available for debrief by conference call.  On request, additional support is available in her offering coaching and workshops.

What people say about Anne-Marie


“I could listen to her speak for hours.”

“She is so wise… the truth comes out so effortlessly.”

“God speaks through her.”

“She’s funny.”

“I could see myself weaved throughout her stories”.

“She’s not afraid to be vulnerable.”

“It’s as if she is in my head.”

“Her words spoke directly to my heart.”

“Healing occurred in her presence.”

“When she looked at me, a weight lifted off my shoulders.”