Before the sessions, I did not feel well.  I was not grounded or centered.  I had severe sleeping problems.

I often suffered from anxiety attacks where I needed to escape by leaving a room or location.  I felt scared and nervous.

For the previous 2-3 years, I had constant noise in my ear.  At times, it felt as if I had an amplifier that was cranking up the volume.  Even water dripping or people’s voice was almost unbearable.

I was able to let go.

I was feeling like being in a sanctuary. I was in security.

I could focus on her voice. In her presence, I was safe and I could relax. I was at peace. I could feel what I needed to release and I was able to heal.  Today, I am well.

My biggest improvements

Gratefulness is #1. I have introduce gratitude practices daily. I feel more joyful than being sad.  I could cry before for no reason.  That deep seeded sadness is gone.

I will notice right away when I am drifting off track.  I can easily bring me back to my heart center.

I sleep better, more soundly.   I feel rested now in the morning.

My anxiety attacks are very few and far in between, or would you say Chantal, my anxiety attacks are gone.

The amplified sounds in my ear are gone.

Chantal Vautour

New Brunswick

Before I met Anne-Marie

My life was mediocre.  It wasn’t bad, it was going ok. I wasn’t unhappy but I was not not fulfilled.  I knew there was something more for me.  I had lots of pain.  I was not happy in my relationship.  He didn’t set my world on fire.  I was with him for the wrong reasons.

My job: only for security and it paid the bills.

From a young age, I knew that I was destined for a great life. When I met Anne-Marie, my life was not amazing.  My wrong choices were manifesting wrong results.  I did not know how to change it.  It was mere existence… I was on survival mode.

I kept repeating to myself: This is not amazing at all. What if this is as good as it gets?

The initial Life Coaching phone call: BAM!!!

My Life Coaching with Anne-Marie was tremendous… The initial phone call… I remember I was standing in my Living Room and my partner was sleeping… I heard myself thinking: I don’t want him here… but I don’t know what to do

This was after the first few minutes!  The shift was already starting.

After my first session, I terminated my relationship with my partner and handed my resignation letter!  I went from working for someone else to working for myself full time.

To work with Anne-Marie was pure joy, either when I was in Halifax or Malaysia.  I looked forward to my breakthroughs with every phone call.   I felt the love of God flowing through me and her as my coach.  It was not like being in flesh and body…or at the mind level.  We connected on the soul level…. That means so much because not everybody can connect with me on that level.

The joy I felt was that I could be who I am without fear of judgment.

I was able to letting go of what was holding me back.

I listened to my heart.  My heart knows what my dreams are.

I was able to face all my fears.

I now realize that all my pain I endured has brought blessings… joy, abundance!  I now see the gift.

Shifts in finances

I’m experiencing huge differences in finances.  Before I had a desire for materiel things, now I don’t want anything. I have the same handbag I carry  to all my meetings… these things are not that important for me anymore… I do not have to prove myself to anyone.  I love who I am.

I now love myself and I deserve it all!

I stopped apologizing for who I am … I’m comfortable with me… I was lacking in worthiness… I am now so aware of my worthiness.  I see myself as a woman who is powerfully connected to her own inner being and who is not afraid of who she is…. She knows that we are all different and we are all here to contribute in our special way… I am not afraid anymore … I am so filled with love… I had the courage and listened to my heart. I met the most wonderful life partner, exactly what I was looking for… I realize that this is not true for me anymore: You can’t have your cake and eat it… actually, you can!

Tremendous shifts in my health

My health has dramatically shifted… when I let go of the things that was weighting me down… resentment, anger, hurt.

My hair was falling off.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease… my intestines was fully ulcerated  in 2011 and I was suffering from this condition.

Now I can eat what I want. My health: I have perfect health as if there was any disease ever.  Not even scar tissues when I saw the doctor.  There is no evidence that I had Crohn’s disease.

I was so sick at times I was worried of cancer. I am not taking medication anymore.

My skin is healing as well… everything started to shift when I worked on myself. My relationship with God went from being connected to being so so connected to Divine Life.  I expect God and my guides to be with me.  I expect the miracles. I expect the synchronicities. God is kind. God is good. God is love. I’m living my truth.

Suneetra Karim Singh

Before my Life Coaching

I was empty meaning that I had completely exhausted myself by taking care of so many others. In doing so, I gave away my power and identity.  I felt completely helpless, a victim of my own circumstances.  I was frustrated.  Burying a lot of emotions: anger, disappointment, feeling unworthy, used, not valued, discouraged.

When I started to work with Anne-Marie

I became more connected with my true self. I came to learn that taking care of myself is crucial to everything.  And I am not selfish to put myself first.

That was a huge weight off my shoulders… I’m happy again!!!

I learned to say no when I was not ok with that.

I came in to my own voice.  I also learned that it is important to follow my dreams and I am worth following through on it.

I learned some tools to let go of my buried emotions.  My past is not who I am today.  It is not my story anymore.

I am Goddess extraordinaire!!!!!

To work with Anne-Marie

It was a very safe, loving, nonjudgmental environment where Anne-Marie helped me become my own butterfly. The way we worked together with tools I never experienced before… I dug deeper… I was ready!

What I gained the most

  • I finally love and accept myself for exactly who I am.
  • I am more deeply connected with Source and myself.
  • I have found my spark again (I had lost it) and my Joie de vivre.

Message to you soul sister who is reading this testimonial

Working with Anne-Marie will help you become all that you can be.  Anne-Marie lights up the path.

I feel safe again, loving life because I do not have to stress and worry.

If you desire to manifest more money, the flow is easier to access.  My abundance is coming from different sources now. Money is there! I can do the things I want to do with the people I want to be.  I couldn’t before. Everything is lining up.

Charline Richard

Before I met Anne-Marie

My life before was busy… multi-tasking… being a mom and business women, trying to excel… at the same time trying to bridge spiritually and business. I was at my lowest point in my life.

Right away I felt a shift

I had an immediate shift happening within myself… (more deeper than what most people could explain…)  so deep that it is hard for me to try to explain.  I felt the shift inside.

The Life coaching helped me to balance… to help me have clarity and vision.

I find myself more grounded, connected. More aligned… I could see.

That shift brought me more balance and clarity in personal and business life.

Balance in the sense that we all have priorities… knowing which projects to finish first… where to put my priorities… it was more definite as to what steps to take… I gained a greater understanding of what were my most precious priorities.

To work with Anne-Marie was always a pleasure… She was uplifting… I immediately connected with her.   She helped me to get to the core of what I was looking for.

Anne-Marie brings the element of fun… life is not always serious… I was able to laugh at my life as I moved onto my path.   I became stronger and my life was better.

Anne-Marie has the way to bring ease and “soul sister connection” in the coaching session.

Everything got impacted… myself at the core… within myself, I felt an immediate shift. My passion was redefined. I’ve been able to get that balance… everything got in place.

When I am aligned, things flow effortlessly into my life. Once I am in the flow, everything comes together.

Uplifted my finances…50% increase for me and so much more in the pipe line.  The tap is fully open!

I feel so happy and satisfied…just knowing that I am in the right place at the right time with the right people makes me smile.  I feel more calm, confident, trusting myself more, trusting my decisions.

A lot more people need Anne-Marie’s Intuitive Life Coaching more than they think… As a woman, it is easy to put yourself off for so many different reasons.  Stop giving yourself excuses and start putting yourself first to experience the shift you long for, on so many levels.

My message to other soul sisters: It is important to give time to yourself

Only then you can give back to the world.  Make yourself a priority.  By taking one step back in introspection allowed me to take 3-4 steps forward to create the abundant life I deserve, by design and not by default.


Angèle Miller

Founder, Abundant by Design

I liked the way Anne-Marie was guiding me to answer my own questions.  I knew I had all the answers within me.  She was a guide by my side.

I had been recently diagnosed with cancer when I started my healing/coaching sessions with her.  With her ability to channel from the other side, she reported to me that her perception was that “I would be ok.”  I recognized that I had work to do and I did it.  I had a renewed sense of hope.  That was HUGE for me!  I learned about the healing power of breath.  I integrated positive affirmations that were revealed to me in the sessions by connecting to my Higher Self.  I had the strength, the faith to face my health challenge.  I felt eager and ready to embark on this journey!  I believed in myself!

I remember getting the goose bumps during the sessions.  This was a sign of confirmation that healing was occurring, that a shift was taking place or that I was voicing the truth for my next steps to undertake.  I was in touch with my emotions, laughing one moment, crying the next or giving me permission to express my resentments, regrets and anger.  Anne-Marie created the space for me to express openly without any judgments on her part.

Anne-Marie inspired me to instill rituals in my life.  Praying brought me reassurance.

During my cancer treatments receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I kept my peace.  I had no more fears!  It was replaced with my faith, strength and courage.  I was able to surrender.  All became easy.  I was in full acceptance.  My side effects were minimal. I could even feel Anne-Marie’s energetic presence at the hospital.

My cancer opened the door of creativity… to live my dreams of serving through my creativity.  The gift in all this was to live out my passion, to create and decorate while helping people to bring beauty in their surroundings.

I am cancer free!!!

I am free to live the life I always dreamt to do.

Rachelle Strugnell

Home & Soulful Creative Designer

I celebrate me

When I connect with Anne-Marie I feel the best version of myself.
In her presence, healing takes place.

She allows me to be me, who I am at the core.  I even get in touch with my inner child to explore my fears, frustrations.  I can be real with you.  You draw it out. You give me space… like a mirror… I can listen to myself…  she will move out of the way… I feel listened to.

Anne-Marie ignites light

It is rare that I come in contact with souls as precious as she is.  Anne-Marie has something that no one else has. I believe she is meant to be on this earth to awaken souls that are longing to get aligned to their purpose and she can surely help. She brought light into my life.  The day I met her for the first time, she was shining bright and it sparked my light.  She confirmed to me : Rachael, you are safe , you are not alone…I’m here…we can shine together.  She gave me strength. I can believe in myself and others. In return, now I do the same thing as her.  I shine my own light.  The light I see in me I can see in others.  Her light has created a ripple effect.   I’m always grateful our paths crossed. She is like a mother to me and to others.

Rachael Frigault Girouard

Independent Consultant, Arbonne