Angelspeake™ PLUS

Your 4-hour ANGELSPEAKE™ PLUS Workshop includes:

• Valuable life-transforming Angelspeake™ content
• Opening of one of your Spiritual Gifts: automatic dictation
• Channeling directly from the Source – it’s like having your own, direct 1-800 line to your Angels and Spirit Guides
• The Angelspeake™ Plus Worksheet – a handout to give you tools and resources you can use on your own, even after the workshop is over
• Light snacks – because we’ll need to refuel! 

The Angelspeake™ workshop is based on the best selling book “Angelspeake: How To Talk With Your Angels” by Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark.


This workshop is comparable to the workshop featured on Good Morning America, The Leeza Show, Good Day New York, the PBS program “Speaking With Your Angels” and several thousand workshops taught by the authors throughout the world.

Your own, direct 1-800 line to your Angels and Spirit Guides

Your angels are waiting for YOU! This is your time!

“Angels are real. I’ve been touched by an angel in my crib.” – Anne-Marie Collette

This exciting workshop will teach you how to access your angels to solve problems, give inspiration and to provide you with loving support each day. Many will learn the names of their angels. Be ready to get immediate help from your angels as they will focus on providing you the answers you have been searching for or waiting for.

  • How do I know it is an Angel giving me a message?
  • Are there really Angels and could I personally see one?
  • How can I ask Angels to receive what I desire to be, do and have?
  • I feel my departed husband, is he watching over me?
  • How do I know my Angels are with me 24/7?
  • How can the Angels assist me to be more financially secure?
  • In working with the Angels, will I be able to bring out my gifts even more to serve in a bigger way?
  • Can the Angels help me heal my chronic illness?
  • Will the Angels help me see the missing piece of the puzzle?
  • Can Angels bring me peace of mind?
  • Can the Angels bring me my Soul Mate?

Learn how easy and helpful it is to meet your angels and spirit guides,  and how to receive their personal messages to you in writing.

Literally thousands of people around the world have learned how to talk to their angels and spirit guides.

Angelspeake™ PLUS was more of a concrete tool for me to use. When I put pen to paper, the message came right away.

I became more aware… Before I would ask my Angels for signsand wait for the message to come.  Now, I do not have to wait.  I get the answer right away.

I have more clarity because I was always worried that I would miss the sign or message or that I would not understand.

The message is really clear and concise.  It’s from the heart.  It is not a mind exercise.

To receive words from my angels, I am left with a feeling of excitement and joy. I feel a deeper, more intimate connection with my angels.

Anyone who is seeking to communicate with their angels or their True Inner Self… this is an enlightening tool.

Charline Richard

Visionary and Warrior Goddess Facilitator in training

When I attended the Angelspeake session with Anne-Marie, as a speaker, she put herself at the same level as the participants; she openly admitted that she is still learning every day and admitting that she is also continuously learning and evolving. She gets to our level and is part of the group. The teachings are transmitted gently. I did not feel sermoned or lectured. From her opening remarks, I was captivated by her message, her passion and her enthusiasm. Anne-Marie knows how to create a welcoming, warm, calming and peaceful atmosphere where strangers become friends immediately.

Ginette Bourgeois

New Brunswick

Before I attended the Angelspeake™PLUS session with Anne-Marie, I did not do any chanelling. On my first try, I received 7 pages of channeled information! I write to my guides every day now to receive my answers. This brings me comfort and confidence.

Véronique Gallant

Wellness Guide

It’s was a game changer for me.  It awakened a realization in me that I have a connection to the angelic realm.  I probably had a strong connection to the angels before that session but I was not aware of it.

I have a deeper trust in myself and my promptings.  The angels confirm the promptings every time by giving me tangible signs or in the written messages I receive from them.

I have a greater sense of support and it will last throughout eternity.

I am calmer.  My anxiety levels are decreasing because I know I have these helpers.

I know they can help me with anything.

No begging… it is this simple.  I now know how to ask.

They are my teachers.  They are very loving and supportive… and patient too!

Lisa Tucker

Inspirator, Educator, Musician, Writer

Anne-Marie is unique, magical, most beautiful soul that you’ll ever meet.  When I connect with her I feel the best version of myself.   In her presence, healing takes place.

No words can express the benefits of this workshop because it is such a personal growth and deep connection to the angelic world. It is worth so much more than what I paid for.  I still benefit today from that session and it was years ago.

It provided me learning that opened up new doors.  It is a gift… it opened up my connection with my dad who passed on. That connection keeps on expanding…it’s constantly growing as I deepen my connection with the Universe and Creator.  It opened up the gates for me… I now receive constant messages, signs… even physical feelings, and goosebumps….I’m no longer in a dream state anymore.  I’m awakened and aware.

I remembered me as an old soul of this earth.  It was  an awakening.

Because the session was taught in a group setting, I witnessed that angels are real by listening to the stories shared by the participants and Anne-Marie.

I had stopped crying when I was a child.  The day we had the Angelspeake™PLUS in my home, the first message that  was communicated to me by my angels was to find my tears again. My tears are my strength, they said.  I cried like a baby.  I was not sad.  I felt joy and connection to myself.

Rachael Frigault Girouard

Arbonne Independent Consultant